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Rednecks Saying "Ma'am": A conversation with Keturah

Rednecks Saying "Ma'am": A Conversation with Keturah   I became aware of Keturah Lamb's existence, ironically, through her blog The Girl Who Doesn't Exist, a headline weird enough to get my attention. That sent me down the rabbit hole of her regular blog, where I have proudly read every single post. Her life was so different from mine it fascinated me. We became Facebook friends and Keturah graciously answered every single thing I ever wanted to know, until I got an idea...why not interview each other at the same time? And focus on the different ways we were raised and how that affected our lives?   Keturah kicked off our conversation with her question, “What is your first childhood memory THAT has impacted your life to this very day?” What followed was one of the most enjoyable 90-minute conversations I ever took part in. M: So sorry about the wait. I thought I could feasibly walk a dog and do an interview but no. K: I'm not surprised. M: Let me grab some wate…

Friday Interview: Author Erin R. Howard

I'm excited to bring back Friday interviews with author Erin R. Howard! I encountered this talented writer during my own publishing journey. Her newest book, the third in her trilogy, releases this Tuesday, and she was kind enough to come by the blog and answer a few questions.

Author Interview: Erin R. Howard First of all, I got a rejection note from Mantle Rock [your publisher], so congratulations! Cleary theynarrow it down to the best. What was your journey to publishing like?

My publishing journey happened quickly once I finally decided to become serious about writing, and is not by any means the norm when it comes to publishing. At the time, I was running a retail store, and just finished my degree in Creative Writing/English. Through a series of events, I met my future publisher, who invited me to a writing meeting. Soon after, my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and we had to close my store. The next summer, the same publisher invited me to a writing retreat. I booked a men…