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Of The Snow Child, Timothy Green, Russian Folktales, and Childlessness

I have a confession to make.

I adore The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Do any of you have that slightly embarrassing movie that you love, and watch about yearly, but pretty much keep a secret? That is Timothy Green for me. Of course, now I'm revealing that secret to the Internet, but it is what it is.

The Odd Life of Timothy Green tells the story of a pushing-middle-age couple, Cindy and Jim, who must finally come to terms with their childlessness. One night, in the midst of their sorrow, they write a list of all the qualities they always hoped their child would have, then lock the list in a box and bury it in a garden--essentially, burying their dream.

"We can get a puppy," says Cindy in a thick voice, teetering between resignation and bitterness.

But they don't get a puppy. Instead, they crawl into bed, exhausted, sharing a burden too great for words.

Then the rain falls.

Then a filthy child appears in their home.

And in place of their buried dream lies only an empty …