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Friday Interview: Author Erin R. Howard

I'm excited to bring back Friday interviews with author Erin R. Howard! I encountered this talented writer during my own publishing journey. Her newest book, the third in her trilogy, releases this Tuesday, and she was kind enough to come by the blog and answer a few questions.

Author Interview: Erin R. Howard 

First of all, I got a rejection note from Mantle Rock [your publisher], so congratulations! Cleary they narrow it down to the best. What was your journey to publishing like?

My publishing journey happened quickly once I finally decided to become serious about writing, and is not by any means the norm when it comes to publishing. At the time, I was running a retail store, and just finished my degree in Creative Writing/English. Through a series of events, I met my future publisher, who invited me to a writing meeting. Soon after, my son was diagnosed with Leukemia, and we had to close my store. The next summer, the same publisher invited me to a writing retreat. I booked a mentor appointment with her and pitched my story idea. She asked for the full manuscript (which wasn’t all the way finished!) I had just two months to finish almost half of my story plus edits. I turned it in, and it wasn’t long before I had a contract.

When did you start writing, and when did you know you had one ready to publish?

I started writing short stories in middle school. My love of reading contributed, but in the sixth grade, we were supposed to write in a daily journal. I asked my teacher if I could write a short story instead. Each day, instead of a journal entry, I would continue the story. When the assignment was finished, my teacher told me something along the lines of, “Keep writing, Erin. Don’t stop.” That was the encouragement I needed to keep going.

When this story wouldn’t leave my mind and I couldn’t think about anything else but finishing it, I knew it was one that I had to seek publication for.
Your series begins with book one, The Seer, and involves the spiritual world of angels and demons. Is there any specific reason you chose to focus on this?

I’ve always been fascinated by the spiritual realm, and knew early on that I wanted to write a book about it. But I was always intimidated to take something like that on. But this story wouldn’t leave my mind. I pushed it aside for a long time and started several chick-lit romance novels. Finally, after not finishing them, I decided that this story wouldn’t leave my mind for a reason. I’m so glad that I listened and switched to fantasy. I love it.

When you published your first book, were the other two already written? Or have you written them since then?

No, I wrote them after The Seer. They are all a year apart. So, three books in three years. The Seer (2018) The Soul Searcher (2019) and now, The Silencer, (2020).

How has being a parent changed how you write?

Writing as a parent is all that I know. Before kids, I was just writing as a hobby and mostly poems. I would sit down when the inspiration came. Now, to write a book, I have to make time. Time that I don’t always have. We have a busy life with three kids that keep us running and on our toes. Now that they are all three in school, I can write during the day (when I’m not subbing at the school) but, sometimes there are lots of late nights and little sleep.

And finally, what is your favorite fantasy book?

This is such a hard question for me! I love so many books. I love the Circle series by Ted Dekker, and The Hunger Games (while not fantasy) is one of my absolute favorite book.

The Silencer releases February 4, 2020, through Mantle Rock Publishing and will be available through major booksellers. 

Connect with the author on her website and her Instagram.  


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