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Friday Interview: Author Brittney Joy

Happy Friday! Today I'm happy to share this space with Brittney Joy, who is not only an accomplished author but, if I do say so myself, an online friend of mine. During our conversation, I got to hear a preview of her next book as well as the funny way some of her characters got their names.

Author Interview: Brittney Joy 

Hi! Thanks for joining us today. Can you start by telling us when you wrote your first story? Was it published or not? 

In middle school I read a lot (mostly about horses) and I started journaling in high school—writing down all my thoughts, feelings, and experiences. The regular act of journaling taught me how to express myself and, ultimately, gave me the bug to write fiction. However, I didn’t start writing fiction until my late twenties and I was in my early thirties when I self-published my first young adult book, Lucy’s Chance. It took me some time to build up my confidence before I felt comfortable setting my story and words “free” into the world. But now, I couldn’t imagine not writing.

What were your favorite books as a kid and how did they influence what you write today? 

In middle school I devoured The Thoroughbred Series by Joanna Campbell which is a wonderful, sweet series set on a horse farm. I loved to get lost in Ashleigh’s the protagonist) adventures on the farm and with the horses. My joy in reading The Thoroughbred Series ultimately inspired my first young adult series, Red Rock Ranch. When I started seriously writing, I knew I wanted to write a book for horse- crazy girls that would explore the human-horse relationship as well as all the ups and downs of being a teenager and growing into your own skin. My Red Rock Ranch Series grew into three books that are full of equestrian adventures, friendship, and first loves. The characters in these books are very close to my heart… especially Lucy as she is the closest to my own personality. Lucy is timid, but stubborn and she has an immense love for all animals, especially horses. I have loved seeing Lucy grow throughout the series.

Can you tell us about the books you've written? 

Besides my Red Rock Ranch Series, I also have a young adult fantasy series called The OverRuled Series. There are currently two books in this series (OverRuled and OverRun) and they are full of magic, secrets, twists, adventure, and romance. This series is written in dual perspective and the chapters rotate between two female protagonists that are very different from one another. Jade is a princess who lives under the thumb of her (very evil) mother. Nova is a commoner who is being hunted by the queen (Jade’s mother) for magical powers she doesn’t know she has… yet. In the first book, Jade and Nova don’t know each other, but their lives become quickly intertwined. And, there’s a hunky queen’s guard (Chael) that holds secrets of his own and plays a part in both Jade and Nova’s stories. I had a blast writing these books and exploring this world and the magic. And, I’m not ready to let go of this world just yet… working on the third book.

After the adventures of Jade and Nova in the Overruled books, do you think fans will ever see more of them? 

Yes! I am working on a third book for The OverRuled Series. I just couldn’t let Nova and Jade go… so their adventures must continue! The third book will wrap up Nova and Jade’s stories, but I have also tossed around the idea of writing a prequel so I can tell Katrina’s story (the evil queen) and how she came to be so evil.

Do you have any new story ideas? 

I have lots of “half-baked” story ideas. I keep a notebook just for this purpose and write down my ideas as inspiration hits me. However, I think the strongest idea revolves around a sweet adult romance set on a horse farm. I definitely want to explore that one next.

Last question: You have a lot of animals. Ultimately what is your favorite--dogs, cats, or horses? 

Oh my goodness… I’m not sure I can answer that. I love all animals, but I have the strongest connection to dogs and horses. I absolutely couldn’t live without dogs and horses in my life. I have a little dog, Lucy, that is my shadow. My husband and I adopted her when she was about a year old (she’s nine now) and I think she’s a Jack Russell/Chihuahua cross. She is the sweetest, funniest, most lovable pup ever and if you want to see pictures of her, follow me on Instagram or Facebook because I’m ALWAYS sharing pictures of her cute face. And, yes, I did name the main character (Lucy) in my Red Rock Ranch Series after my pup. I also have two horses—Cheli and Stella. I’m lucky enough to have some property and am able to keep my horses in my backyard. They are my daily therapy and my loves. I can’t picture my life without being able to ride, groom, feed, and love on them every day. I also have a cat who loves me on her own terms. Her name is Katrina… and, yes, I did name the evil queen in The OverRuled Series after her. I love her despite her grumpy attitude.

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